Tuned 2020 Supra vs. Tesla Model 3

Brooks Weisblat from dragtimes.com calls his buddy Alex up to find out which is faster once and for all, his Tesla Model 3 Performance, or a bolt-on 2020 Toyota Supra.

For those who aren’t aware, the newer 2020 Toyota Supra was co-developed with BMW. It was designed to be a refined, all around performance car, and not the classic super car killer it once was. Instead of Toyota’s commonly modified 3.0L inline 6 cylinder platform, the 2020 Supra sports a BMW 3.0L 6 cylinder engine. The car itself is based on the BMW Z4 roadster, the BMW shares it’s engine, electronics, chassis and BMW’s front MacPherson struct and multi-link rear suspension.

Photo from autoblog.com

The Supra in the video is equipped with down pipes, tune, wheels and drag radials helping the 3.0 liter 6-cylinder achieve 430ish wheel horsepower. While the Tesla Model 3 with it’s dual motors is completely stock and rated at 473 horsepower, track passes made at 85% state of charge.

In the first race, the Supra surprisingly took the electric performance car to the 60 foot, but it was no match for the strong, linear power delivery of the Tesla. The Model 3 crosses the finish line first with a 11.765 second run at 112.7 mph, while the Supra made it to the finish line in 12.102 seconds but at 114.4 mph, a clear indicator that the Supra was on it’s way to over taking the Tesla, had this been a half mile race, or longer.

The second race netted similar results with the Model 3 completing the pass at 11.787 seconds at 112.38 mph while the Supra crosses the traps at 12.071 seconds at 114.72 mph.