The First B58 Engine to Make 1000+ Horsepower

Stephan Papadakis from Papadakis Racing walks us through what it took to get a 2020+ B58 Supra engine loaded up on the Mountune Superflow engine dyno, and tested on a quest for 1000+ horsepower. After tearing down the stock engine to explore what’s inside, Papadakis racing builds the B58 engine with components required to achieve their 1000+ horsepower goal.

Engine dyno carts, adapters, mounts and kits don’t exist for the B58 engine yet but it’s not a problem. It’s impressive that he can sit down, design, and manufacture the parts needed, from cross members, engine mounts, all the way to the billet flexplate/flywheel adapter for the dyno, and bell housing adapters. He’s also humble enough to leave mistakes and failures in his videos, then go through the problem resolution.

They’re running this engine on an AEM Infinity ECU, and running port fuel injectors instead of the direct fuel injectors (more on that later), the engine is being fueled by Ignite Racing E85 ethanol racing fuel. After setting it all up, fixing the leaks and loading an initial tune, they were underway.

The first failure point they experienced was melting the factory injectors. By not running fuel through the factory direct Injectors (which are installed in the cylinder head and exposed in the combustion chamber), the injectors weren’t being cooled by the fuel flowing through them, and they began to melt. Once it melted, compression began leaking past the injector, out of the cylinder head and sparks fly.

the B58 melts the factory direct fuel injectors that were bypasses for dyno testing

Again, quick thinking by Papadakis on a fix. The cylinder head is removed, block off plugs are machined, and installed. After heating the cylinder head (on a bbq no less) and freezing the plugs in liquid nitrogen, they’re tapped in place. Once the head cools, and the plugs warm, it creates an interference fit. The direct injection holes are now plugged and testing can continue.

The last hurdle came with the dyno itself. After coming up short of their goal, even after adding boost, they’re left scratching their heads. Turns out the dyno room fan which provides fresh air to the engine and engine room had malfunctioned. Fixing the fan had netted them the 1000+ horsepower goal they were after.