Injector Dynamics ID2600-XDS Product Release

Injector Dynamics is proud to release the latest X-Series injector, the ID2600-XDS. Like the 1050x, 1300x², and 1700x, The ID2600-XDS is an exclusive development from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. As with all X-Series injectors, it is available exclusively through Injector Dynamics.

Nominal Flow Rate – 2600cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 9.0 Bar (130.5 psi) – Requires Minimum 11volt.
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbons. NOT Compatible with Ethers (MTBE, ETBE, TAME) or Nitro Methane
Electrical Connector – USCAR

  • The ID2600-XDS has the highest flow rate of any fuel injector offered by Bosch, and flows 50% more than the ID1700.
  • The ID2600-XDS was developed specifically for use with liquid fuels, and is the only injector with this valve arrangement which is released by Bosch for liquid fuel use.
  • The ID2600-XDS is built with corrosion resistant internals, and is fully compatible with ethanol and methanol.
  • The ID2600-XDS is NOT compatible with MTBE, ETBE, TAME, or Nitro Methane.
  • The ID2600-XDS benefits from Dual Slope Matching, a method of matching the flow rate in both the linear, and nonlinear operating range, providing better cylinder to cylinder consistency at low pulse widths.  Detailed information can be found on the ID2600-XDS product page,
  • The entire X-Series line will transition to the Dual Slope Matching process in the near future, and the ID1700-XDS is available to ship immediately.  These are the same injector, with improved matching.  Pricing has not changed, nor has data, just the new model number to reflect the improved end product.
  • The ID2600-XDS is built with the same compact 34mm body as the rest of the X Series injectors, offering the greatest number of fitment options.
  • The ID2600-XDS is built with a USCAR connector, like the rest of the X Series injectors.  Fitment and electrical connectors are now standard across the entire product line, simplifying upgrades.

What is Dual Slope Matching?

Dual Slope Matching is a method of matching injectors that provides the best possible cylinder to cylinder fueling across the entire operating range.

Traditionally, injectors were matched based on static flow rate alone, which resulted in large deviations at low pulse widths.

Injector Dynamics introduced Slope Intercept Matching over a decade ago, which provided even cylinder to cylinder fueling across the linear operating range of the injector.

With the progression of turbo technology, and increased use of alcohol fuels, greater demands are placed on fuel injectors, and they are often required to deliver fuel well outside of their linear operating range.

The concept of Dual Slope Matching extends the injector matching into the lower non linear operating range. Dual Slope Matching was conceived by Aaron Looft of Injector Dynamics, who was inspired by the dual slope injector characterization model used by Ford.

How Does Dual Slope Matching Work?

Let’s first consider static flow matching which was the industry standard prior to Injector Dynamics.

The graph below shows the dynamic response of two hypothetical 1500 cc/min injectors within their linear operating range. One with an offset (Dead time, latency, etc.) of 0.95 milliseconds, and one with an offset of 0.85 milliseconds.

The slope of both lines is the same, as they have the same flow rate, but the difference in offset results in the injector with the higher offset delivering 2.5 uL less fuel per injection event. At a pulse width of 19msec, which equals 90% duty cycle at 6,000 rpm, 2.5ul amounts to a mere 0.6% difference in flow between the two injectors, but at 2msec, that same 2.5ul difference amounts to a 9.5% difference!

Slope Intercept matching as introduced by Injector Dynamics in 2007 solved this problem by matching injectors based on flow rate (Slope) and offset (Intercept) providing even cylinder to cylinder fueling across the linear operating range.

Moving on to the non linear operating range, the graph below shows a pair of 1500cc injectors matched using the Injector Dynamics Slope Intercept method. Both injectors have the same flow rate and offset, but in the non linear range, the flow deviates from the straight line shown in the graph above. In this case, the flow rate, or slope of each injector in the non linear range is 1530cc/min and 1470cc/min representing a spread of +/- 2%.

As the graph clearly shows, the difference between the two injectors increases as pulse width decreases.

Shown as percent difference in flow, we see that even though the injectors are matched perfectly in the linear operating range, the difference in slope in the non linear range results in a flow mismatch that is magnified as the pulse-width decreases, becoming substantial at the very lowest pulse widths.

How Well Does This Work in Practice?

Moving from hypothetical injectors to a real world application, the response in the non linear range is considerably less orderly than shown in the graphs above, and is quantified using a technique called Least Squares Linear Regression – Which is a fancy way of saying straight line approximation.

By approximating the response in the non linear range, and matching sets accordingly, the best possible cylinder to cylinder fueling is realized across the entire operating range.

Using the ID2600-XDS as an example, the traditional Slope Intercept method of matching results in an average deviation of +/-5.1% in the non linear range, while the new method of Dual Slope Matching has reduced this to +/-1.4%

In a perfect world, this deviation would not exist at all, but for those of us who live (And tune!) in the real world, Dual Slope Matching represents a large step forward, and we are proud to offer it to the market.

ID2600-XDS Dynamic Flow Data

Fuel PressureOffsetSlope
8 Volts10 Volts12 Volts14 Volts16 Volts18 Volts

Fitment Dimensional Drawings

Most applications fall into one of four standard fitments consisting of two standard lengths, (48mm or 60mm) and 2 standard fuel rail bores (11mm, or 14mm) The 3D models pictured below give the relevant dimensions of these standard fitments.

Plug n’ Play Data

Are you tired of pouring over logs, making corresponding changes to your tune, only to find that what worked one day is off by the next? Have you wasted hours sifting through a myriad of injector related posts on the forums, only to find that there is no simple solution? Such is the nature of tuning with inaccurate injector data.

Accurate injector characterizations are the basis of all fueling calculations, so it’s no wonder that if you’re tuning without it, you will spend a lot of valuable time making the best of a bad situation. Not only will it keep you busy searching for endless combinations of mostly incorrect answers, it will rob you of one of the most basic functions provided by the guys who spent millions of R&D dollars designing the engine management system for your car.

Whether you are a professional tuner, or an end user, you can spend countless hours getting it “mostly correct” or you can copy and paste accurate characterization tables and get on with the job of maximizing performance and drivability.

Injector Dynamics is the only motorsport injector supplier capable of generating these OEM quality injector characterizations, and our engineering services are available to generate data for new platforms and applications at no cost to our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to provide solutions where none previously existed, and it is this commitment to value and innovation that has earned us our position as the industry leader.

Remember that next time you hear “The Same as Injector Dynamics but Cheaper

The data located HERE is in a constant state of improvement, so if you are a regular user, check back often for updates. If you have any issues downloading, or using the data, or would like to inquire about developing data for a new application, feel free to contact us directly.

Fitment by Make & Model

All applications with an asterisk after the part number are incompatible with the stock ECU due to scaling limits.

AudiAudi 1.8L Turbo2600.60.14.14B.4$1,400.00
Audi 2.0L Turbo2600.60.14.14B.4$1,400.00
Audi VR6 (12 valve)2600.60.14.14B.6$2,100.00
Audi VR6 (24 valve)N/A
BMWE30 M3 88-912600.$1,380.00
E36 M3 96-992600.$2,070.00
E46 M3 01-062600.$2,070.00
E90 / E92 / E93 M3 07+2600.$2,760.00
M Coupe / M Roadster 98-002600.$2,070.00
540i / 740i2600.$2,760.00
328 96-982600.$2,070.00
BuickTurbo Regal2600.$2,070.00
BuickGrand National2600.$2,070.00
CadillacCTS-V 09+ (LSA)2600.$2,744.00
Can AmOutlander ATV 082600.$690.00
Camaro 93-96 (LT1)2600.$2,760.00
Camaro 98-01 (LS1)2600.$2,760.00
Camaro 10+ (LS3)2600.$2,744.00
Camaro ZL1 (LSA)2600.$2,744.00
C5 Corvette (incl Z06)2600.$2,760.00
C6 Corvette2600.$2,744.00
C6 Z06 (LS7)2600.$2,744.00
C6 ZR1 (LS9)2600.$2,744.00
Cobalt SS (super)2600.60.14.14B.4$1,380.00
Dodge / ChryslerNeon SRT-42600.$1,380.00
Caliber SRT-42600.$1,380.00
300C SRT-82600.48.14.14B.8$2,760.00
Challenger SRT-82600.48.14.14B.8$2,760.00
Magnum SRT-82600.48.14.14B.8$2,760.00
Viper 03-072600.$3,450.00
Ram SRT-10 04-062600.$3,450.00
Viper 08+2600.48.14.14B.10$3,450.00
FordFocus ZX32600.$1,380.00
Focus SVT2600.$1,380.00
Focus RS2600.$1,380.00
Focus RS MK II-IV2600.$1,725.00
SVT Lightning2600.$2,760.00
F150 Harley Davidson2600.$2,760.00
Mustang SVO2600.$1,380.00
Mustang GT 88-962600.$2,760.00
Mustang GT 97-042600.*$2,760.00
Mustang GT 05-102600.$2,760.00
Mustang GT 2011+2600.60.14.14B.8$2,760.00
Mustang Cobra 99-042600.*$2,760.00
Mustang GT5002600.$2,760.00
Falcon GT and GS 5.0 – 2010+2600.60.14.14B.8-P$2,856.00
Falcon XR6T (FG)2600.$2,070.00
Falcon XR6T (BA and BF)2600.60.14.14B.6$2,100.00
SVT Raptor 2011+2600.$2,760.00
HoldenCommodore VT (V6)2600.$2,070.00
Commodore VTII (LS1)2600.$2,760.00
Commodore VX (LS1)2600.$2,760.00
Commodore VXII (V6)2600.$2,070.00
Commodore VY (LS1)2600.$2,760.00
Commodore VS/VY (SCV6)2600.$2,070.00
Commodore VZ (LS2)2600.$2,760.00
Commodore W4272600.$2,744.00
Commodore E-HSV2600.$2,744.00
Monaro (LS1)2600.$2,760.00
Monaro (LS2)2600.$2,760.00
Honda/AcuraAccord 92-952600.$1,380.00
Accord 96-022600.$1,380.00
Accord 03-072600.48.11.F20.6$2,070.00
Civic 88-952600.$1,380.00
Civic 96-002600.$1,380.00
Civic 02-05 Si2600.$1,380.00
Civic 06-112600.$1,380.00
Odyssey 02-042600.48.11.F20.6$2,070.00
Prelude 92-962600.$1,380.00
Prelude 97-012600.$1,380.00
S2000 00-052600.48.11.F20.4$1,380.00
S2000 06-092600.$1,380.00
CL 01-032600.48.11.F20.6$2,070.00
Integra 90-952600.$1,380.00
Integra 96-012600.$1,380.00
NSX 91-952600.60.11.14-O.6$2,070.00
NSX 96-052600.60.11.14-O.6$2,070.00
RSX 02-092600.$1,380.00
TL 01-032600.48.11.F20.6$2,070.00
TSX 04-102600.$1,380.00
HyundaiGenesis 2.0t 09-122600.48.14.R35.4$1,380.00
Genesis 2.0t 13-142600.$1,380.00
Genesis V6 09+2600.$2,058.00
G20 91-96 (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
G20 91-96 (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
G20 99-02 (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
G20 99-02 (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
LamborghiniGallardo 04+2600.$3,450.00
LotusExige/Elise 05+2600.$1,428.00
MazdaMiata 90-052600.$1,380.00
Mazdaspeed Miata2600.$1,380.00
Miata 06-142600.60.14.14B.4$1,380.00
RX-7 79-84 (11mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 79-84 (14mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 85-86 (11mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 85-86 (14mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 87-92 (11mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 87-92 (14mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 93-95 (11mm)2600.$690.00
RX-7 93-95 (14mm)2600.$690.00
RX-8 03-11 (secondaries only)2600.60.11.D.2$690.00
MitsubishiEvo III – IX2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
Evo X2600.48.14.14B.4$1,380.00
Eclipse GST/GSX2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
Galant VR42600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
3000GT VR42600.60.11.D.6$2,070.00
Nissan300ZX TT (90-96) 11mm2600.$2,070.00
300ZX TT (90-96) 14mm2600.$2,070.00
GTR-R32, R33, R34 (11mm)2600.60.11.D.6$2,070.00
GTR-R32, R33, R34 (14mm)2600.60.14.D.6$2,070.00
GTR (R35)2600.48.14.R35.6$2,070.00
GTR (R35) FOR V1 T1 Rails2600.60.14.14-O.6$2,070.00
240SX-S13/S14/S15 (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
240SX-S13/S14/S15 (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
SR20DET FWD (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
SR20DET FWD (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
Sentra SE-R Spec V 00-062600.$1,380.00
Titan 04+2600.$2,760.00
PontiacFirebird (93-97) LT12600.$2,760.00
Firebird (98-02) LS12600.$2,760.00
Trans-Am (93-97) LT12600.$2,760.00
Trans-Am (98-02) LS12600.$2,760.00
Turbo T/A (89 Anniv.)2600.$2,070.00
GTO (2004) LS12600.$2,760.00
GTO (2005-2006) LS22600.$2,760.00
G8 GT2600.$2,744.00
G8 GXP2600.$2,744.00
996/997.1 TT2600.$2,070.00
993/911 84-98 (non turbo)2600.$2,070.00
SaturnIon Redline2600.$1,160.00
Sky (Non turbo)2600.$1,160.00
Sky Redline (turbo)N/A
SciontC (05-10) 2.4L2600.$1,428.00
xB (01-15)2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
FR-S (2013+)2600.$1,380.00
Ski-Doo1200 E-Tec 09-122600.$1,035.00
SubaruSTi (04-06)2600.$1,570.00
WRX (02-14) / STi (07-17)2600.48.11.WRX.4$1,380.00
Legacy GT / Forester XT (07-11)2600.48.11.WRX.4$1,380.00
BRZ (2013+)2600.$1,380.00
SuzukiHayabusa 99-072600.$1,380.00
Hayabusa Gen 2 – 8 inj2600.HTP.34.11.4$1,380.00
ToyotaCorolla GTS (83-87) 4AGE2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
Corolla CE, S, LE (03-04)2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
Matrix (01-03)2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
MR-2 Turbo (90-96) 3S-GTE (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
MR-2 Turbo (90-96) 3S-GTE (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
MR-2 N/A (90-96) 5SFE2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
MR-2 Spyder (00-05) 1ZZ-FEN/A
Supra Turbo (87.5-92) 7M-GTE2600.60.11.D.6$2,070.00
Supra Turbo (93-98) 2JZ-GTE (11mm)2600.$2,070.00
Supra Turbo (93-98) 2JZ-GTE (14mm)2600.$2,070.00
Supra NA (93-98) 2JZ-GE2600.60.11.D.6$2,070.00
Celica All-Trac (89-99) 3S-GTE (11mm)2600.$1,380.00
Celica All-Trac (89-99) 3S-GTE (14mm)2600.$1,380.00
Celica GT (00-05) 1ZZ-FE2600.60.11.D.4$1,380.00
Celica GTS (00-05) 2ZZ-GE2600.$1,428.00
FJ Cruiser / 4Runner / Tundra2600.60.14.D.6$2,070.00
VolkswagenVW 1.8T2600.60.14.14B.4$1,400.00
VW 2.0T2600.60.14.14B.4$1,400.00
VW VR6 (12v)2600.60.14.14B.6$2,100.00
VW VR6 (24V)N/A
YamahaFX-SHO/FZ Watercraft2600.$1,380.00
Apex Snowmobile 06-122600.$1,380.00
Nytro Snowmobile 08-122600.$1,035.00