First round of no prep kings class from the National No Prep Racing Association’s YouTube channel
You’ve seen him on our channel before – destroying the streets with his Gutted Tesla P100d. Now he’s BACK – but at Street Car Takeover Atlanta! And he STILL can’t lose! Weighing in at 4,460lbs – you probably wouldn’t consider this Tesla a lightweight. Yet it’s still the lightest and fastest Tesla in the world!
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A 950hp Nitrous Camaro ZL1 and a Honda CBR1000 meet in Mexico. What could possibly happen??
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This is a 1320 video, they were awesome enough to post the entire video online. Check them out CASH DAYS 2017 is the biggest illegal street race to ever take place, its possible this will never happen again – nearly ALL of the 405 & New Orleans Street Outlaws in attendance – Big Chief, Murder
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