While this article applies to almost every engine, we’ll be using a GM V8 as our example. The same points would apply to a 4 cylinder, there would just be 1 bank of 4 cylinders instead of 2 banks. Most 4 cylinder engines will use one O2 sensor for exhaust measurement and PCM operation. There
In this video we look at the inner working of the famous E-tec injector. And briefly talk about the combustion chamber that has to be incorporated into the design.
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A customer had a dirty set of injectors from a well used Yamaha outboard engine. Our service would’ve had him back up and running in a couple of hours. He didn’t want to “mess with trying to fix the old ones” and would rather replace with new since he doesn’t want any issues. He spent
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These injectors are about a year old, and the last 6 months have been used with e85. The customer was having some tuning and starting issues with the car. Brought the injectors in to take a look. They visually look good, we went ahead and tested them prior to cleaning, they electrically tested okay, we